The Baha’i Gardens – Haifa, Israel

After Caesarea Maritima, we hopped back on the bus and drove through Haifa.

We all peered out the windows looking at the Hebrew signs and admiring all dogs and cats roaming everywhere (everywhere! There were even clans crossing the streets together!). We drove up this hill and stepped off the bus to the amazing view of the Galilee hills, Mediterranean Sea, and flawless Baha’i Gardens.


The Baha’i Gardens are beautiful beyond words. It is a very popular attraction of the Middle East. The gardens are impeccable, the city beyond is striking. You can see as far as your eyes work. My camera was not very suited for the landscape we were given, unfortunately pictures don’t do justice.


The Baha’i Gardens are a holy place for the Baha’i Faith. This religion began in the 19th century. It is quite admirable, really. They are monotheistic, yet they support all major religions. They believe these religions all stemmed from the same God and a bigger message lies behind them. Their prophet, Siyyid Ali-Muhammad was born in 1819, Shiraz, Iran. At 24 years old, he began preaching his messages from God, stating violence, jihad (holy war) and inequality of women should be stopped. He encouraged the advancement of science and education. He set his group of 18 disciples to spread his teachings and unsurprisingly, he and his followers were humiliated and murdered.

His remains after hundreds of bullet wounds were saved for over fifty years and brought to Mount Carmel. They are now buried in the golden dome.


The beauty of the gardens are supposed to represent the suffering and injustices inflicted on him. Today there are several million believers of the Baha’i faith.

I greatly appreciated my time at the Gardens. The 19 terraces, the view, the breeze, and the tranquility of the place. It was very peaceful, a nice place to stop and think. Unfortunately, we were restricted to the balcony. I bet walking the inner gardens is another experience on its own. Their designs are so finely crafted. And I’m really not joking when I said this place is peaceful! Perhaps there is something bigger going on here.  Image

Another one checked off the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for me!

-Outer Gardens open 9-5 every day, Inner Gardens: 9-12. Free Tours, arrive 15 minutes early.-


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