Arriving at the Kibbutz on Shabbat

After a long day of sweating around Caesarea and the Baha’i Gardens, we arrived at our Kibbutz. [Kibbutz-invented 1909, a sort of cooperative living settlement; your share of work ethic is returned with a community share of property and items. They all help each other out here.] Luckily, we got to stay here without working, hehe. Anyway, Hukuk’s rooms were spread out over the land. Each strip of building has 4 or 5 large rooms, and we fit three of us per room. Each room had its own bathroom. Walk a bit to the main structure and there is the kitchen, common area, and a little shop for foods. Playground is outside for the kids, and a room with a ping pong table!! If I remember correctly, anyway.



We learned about Shabbat, said the prayers, ate a nice dinner, and then…mingled.

We enjoyed our first Goldstar’s (4.9% ABV dark lager) and Maccabee’s (4.9% ABC pale lager)  Israeli beer. Not bad, I can’t remember which one I liked more.


There were other birthright members here ending their trip. They gushed out stories of their birthright experiences; the awesome places they went (and that we were going too ‘Oh, you’ll love it!’), the amazing friends they made, the experience they’ll never forget. Talking to all these people seemed like talking to the happiest people on the earth. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were:)


^My roommate and a trip supervisor or something, I forgot his title 🙂

Saturday morning came, and due to Jet lag, I was up early and restless. I decided to take a jog and scope out the area.

I met this cool Israeli dog.



He was my running partner, we explored together. He was cool, but he kept trying to pull down my shorts. …





We were pretty close by the end of it.

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