Next Up: Belize!

December 30th: Take off for my next Central American adventure. 10 pound backpack with two swimsuits, DEET 98%, sunscreen, three chargers for the cell phone and tablet, three kinds of anti-itching cream, and a bit of money. Off I went.

December 31st: SFO-LAX-MIA-BZE, I struggle to peer over my neighbors who are gawking out the window. The view as we fly over Belize is amazing! The massive, lush green jungle lives below us, the long brown river cuts across the land… I wonder what kind of creatures, monsters even!, live in that jungle?! We land and exit down from the stairs that connect to the plane, walk across the strip to the main terminal.


I have been saving a bit for my next travel adventure. I chose Belize as my destination. Not quite ready for massive Mexico, and having visited Guatemala several times before, Belize chose to be the best bet (especially when taking into consideration plane ticket prices and my wallet size). I have found that life is much more enjoyable when you break up work (or school) with small adventures. UC Berkeley had its winter break for a month so I decided to jump on the opportunity to travel.

Belize is a British Commonwealth. Ruled by the British since 1798, Belize became independent in 1981. The population of Belize is around 330,000 and consist of Creoles, Mestizos, Mayan, Garifuna, East Indians and Mennonites.


Which is why English is the official language. This small country has tons to offer: the jungle, the Caribbean coasts, tons of islands (“cayes”) to snorkel and dive off of, beautiful blue ocean water, wildlife (pumas!), culture with a beat, Mayan ruins and even caves to explore.

What better way to start off the New Year than with a trip to Belize?! I’m definitely going to miss the coconut milk in the best banana bread I’ve ever had, the rum and punch, the rum and freshly cracked coconut, lying on the hammock swatting off mosquitoes (ok not the mosquito part), watching time go by and playing cards with some new great friends, climbing ruins, crouching in caves, and the best food I’ve had on a consistent basis in my life.


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