New Years on Caye Caulker

I sat on the deck marveling at the incredible beauty the turquoise water caused with its edges reaching towards the skyline. Here I was, (again!) in awe in how lucky I am (a 21 year old single girl) on this beautiful little island in the Caribbean sea. I sat and just thought how strange it is that most of my American friends have never had an experience like this. This is just the beginning.


Giant Conchs littered the shores
Giant Conchs littered the shores

After my unsupervised kayak in the sea with those tarpons, I washed up to get ready to meet my friends for dinner

I walked down Back street. Three main streets of Caye Caulker–Simplicity I appreciate.

We said to meet at the Lazy Lizard, a cool bar at the end of the ‘Strip’. People come to drink delicious Belikin here, listen to music and dance, and during the day, improvise snorkel in the strip of water that separates habited land from the uninhabitable. Rumor has it that the two pieces of land were once connected until injured by a hurricane…others say its a man made split for boats to pass through. Anyway, now, it’s a lovely place to take a swim with a beer and check out other of the travelers kayaking, canoeing, and sunbathing.

I strolled along until I hear an enormous roar of “MONICAAA!!!!” from above. My friends were on the second floor of the bar. I run up to meet them, glad to see my friends again. They offer to buy me a beer, but I buy it myself. These love bugs haven’t stopped drinking  since they arrived and couldn’t look happier.

The wooden walls were littered with a bunch of travelers’ autographs; Trish and I decided to be generous and added our lovely signatures to the masses. Try to find this when you visit the Lazy Lizard 😉

Find the original at the Lazy Lizard!
Classic Signature of Passenger Mo

We chat and drink until we are ready for dinner.
Let me note one of my favorite things of Belize (lol).


My guide book mentioned the Cake Man, but he was nowhere to be found. Plus, I don’t think how he could have topped Cake Lady. These were by far the best cakes and pastries I have ever tried in my life—and I have quite the sweet tooth, mind you! I try cakes everywhere I go, and my lord these were sinfully good. The mix with coconut milk (I’m assuming, I’m no baker!) made the treats so moist, soft and delicious. I got one before dinner.

Honestly,I got one every day I was on Caye Caulker, like everyone should (sometimes two, no shame here). No diet deserves to surpass these gems. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on these—SERIOUSLY.

We continued to walked down Front Street until we hit 2014-01-01 13.04.20

Our food was delicious with a view out into the sea. You can’t beat fresh seafood. This was one good reason why I came (and my god this makes me want to return so bad).

Fresh Tuna
Fresh Tuna
Fresh lobster.
Fresh lobster.
Coconut beer battered shrimp! Coconut Rice!
Coconut beer battered shrimp! Coconut Rice!


After our delicious dinner and the infamous Panty Ripper (Coconut rum and pineapple juice), we headed back to Trish and Nathans cabana to digest and wait for the New Years party to get started.

Beautiful little place they had. We chilled on the hammocks, and they pumped their crazy country music, each singing with vigor I didn’t know country music could produce. These honeymooners were so happy, my view on Country Music has changed ever since thanks to my Canadian friends. We rocked, and I took a much needed nap on their hammock. I was so content with my food, mood, the beer, the island, that I decided my nap on the hammock would be just as appreciated as another beer at the Lazy Lizard, so I took in a couple of Zzzs while they headed for another round. We’d meet up later.

An hour or two later, I am awakened by the commodity happening nearby at the Lazy Lizard. I decided its time to celebrate New Years Eve! Can’t sleep through that one!

a lovely photo courtesy of
a lovely photo of the lazy lizard bar courtesy of
Photo courtesy of  google images
Photo courtesy of google images

There are so many great places you can be on New Years eve—New York, Edinburgh, your best friends living room…. I was glad mine was at Caye Caulker. What a way to start off the New Year. The DJ was jamming, the locals and the backpackers mixed on the dance floor, everyone having a great time. We talked to everyone next to us, enjoying the best thing of life—others.

I wanted to dance, so I squeezed my way onto the dance floor and got lost in the music.  Unfortunately, I also got lost from my friends and never ending up seeing them again! I never got to say Happy New Years

The party was getting crazy now. The place steadily became more and more packed. The DJ was pumping tunes from his platform over the split of water. The dance floor also lifted above the water where people were shaking their bodies and mingling. Everyone was so friendly here, we roamed from group to group like everyone else, getting to know all these travelers and drinking plenty of new year drinks.

People started dancing wherever they could find space; this included tables that were floating in the water and pillars sticking out of the water that acted sort of like a dancing pole platform.

The excitement was crazy, the vibe was right. When the clock struck 12, they released their fireworks. Let me just say, WHAT! They were so cool (and not impressive, which adds to their coolness) and make-shifty. Before I knew it, fireworks were being flown over our heads into the sky. Everyone was shouting and cheering, the dancing got more intense the platforms were rocking! Sparks were flying, lights were lighting, beers were splashing! A crash little party on the split of caye caulker was in full flight! The fireworks exploded so close to our heads that I was uncomfortable with it! They fired them so low and close to us, I couldn’t help but think how hazardous it was. I was scared of being shot down by one of those things. Ironically, a traveler I met in Guatemala who happened to be at the same party told me she got hit in the head by one falling down and had a little bald spot there to prove it—HAHAHA.
Anyway, as all New Years parties usually go, I don’t remember much afterwards. I remember seeing this rather cute guy who gave me a hug and said, ‘Happy New Years! We were on the same Water Taxi over here!’ and a bit more of dancing. We all danced as a giant mass late into the night. It was truly a unique New Year. I wouldn’t have preferred anywhere else in the world.

What a great welcome to Caye Caulker.


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