Solo Traveler Meets New Friends

People are always shocked when I tell them I travel the world alone. They get the wrong impression. But let me tell you it is rare for me to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner alone and talk to no one all day. That’s not traveling. Contrary to belief, it is very easy to find travel buddies, friends (short and long term) when you travel alone. I enjoy it. It forces you to leave your comfort bubble. You talk to strangers, locals, kids. You say yes to things you probably wouldn’t have if you were with someone else. Anyway, this is the short story of the first day I met some new mates. Day 3 on Caye Caulker. Going slow, as usual. 🙂

The next morning, I decide to change things up because it was getting a bit quiet at my hostel. I book a room at Bella’s Hostel. I unload my bags and sleeping in the bed above mine (at like 2pm) is this young man with wild hair, sleeping shirtless with his hands folded across his belly. I thought it was odd he was sleeping at 2pm (later found out they had a big party the night before). Little did I know, we would end up being good friends. [I visited them 9 months later in the homeland where they sheltered, fed, and toured me of their village ;)] I went to get some breakfast.

nothing like a yummy fruit smoothie and eggs in the morning!
Bella's Hostel Free canoe and bikes !
Bella’s Hostel
Free canoe and bikes !

I returned and he was barely getting up. His friends were talking in our room.  Jack and sleeping Java were English, Sarah’s from Germany, and Alex is an Aussie. Jack and Java started in Mexico and are working their way down to Peru before heading to South East Asia. 8 months of travel? Nicely done for their age. Sarah and Alex as well, although 6 and 4 months, without the SE Asia part. Sarah, Alex and I were traveling solo, but we all ended up traveling together. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Needless to say, the next week and a half were some of the best of my life. I am so very grateful I decided to leave my other hostel that morning and met these kids!

Going Slow.

They invited me to go to the market. Their budget of about 15 pounds a day *accomodation included* meant their diet consisted of supermarket Iced Tea, Belikin, and mostly $2 street food.


We planned a lazy day at the Split. Bella’s had canoes in their backyard that we could use for free! Jack and I got our own separate one and paddled out into the sea. Sarah, Java and Alex went to sunbathe or something. I had an amazingly tranquil time in a canoe that made me feel safer than the previous one I went on.


Paddling out, I was in awe at these tiny Belizeans who were fishing. I just stopped and watched them. They were actually catching fish! What a childhood!


I asked if I could take a photo of them :)
I asked if I could take a photo of them 🙂 This was his pose

DSC01189 DSC01190

I paddled to the uninhabitable land. Not much to see, but I took a nice little tour of this untamed growth. On my way back, the current was very strong. It took all the strength I had to over come it.  I was convinced I was trapped out there, slowly getting pushed farther and farther out into sea to die. I would be drifted out and never to return! Noooo!! Luckily with my buffness I made it over that current. It was a very intense workout trying to stay alive!



But I made it with very sore and heavy arms. Apparently my friends were calling me and trying to wave from the split, but I didn’t see them.

The view of the Lazy Lizard from the split before I almost got run over by a boat

That night, Sarah tried teaching us THE most insane and confusing German card game ever. Her rules made no sense to us. We had to write down all the rules in a notebook, along with twice as many ‘exceptions’. It didn’t help we were drinking as well. Although we played this game many times throughout the trip…I never got it. -_-

More hostel friends joined us at night until we ended up playing beer pong. They sure partied longer than I did. I am lazy in everything I do…including partying. I head in.


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