Druggie Monkeys and Waterfalls in San Ignacio

Several posts ago I mentioned the hospitality offered by a lovely Belizean women, but after two nights in San Ignacio the only hostel in town had availability again, so we booked for four. The hostel manager was having an argument with one of her workers. I can’t remember what it was about, but the workers exposed her incorrect practices (of not reporting names/passports to the officials, thus pocketing extra money) and as a result the hostel was shutting down. This made it very uncomfortable to stay in the hostel, every time one of them would run into us, they would give us their side of the story for 10 minutes when we really didn’t care. In fact, when we first came, she said we could stay for free because she was closing down, yet the next day she said we had to pay for our nights because they weren’t closing down. Jack and Java negotiated out of this.

The dispute with the manager and workers did provide one good thing though; to get us on their side (the workers’) they offered to drive us to a locals spot after we asked where we could see a waterfall.

We got some delicious street food, jumped into a thick pimped out van, blasted reggae and bumped over uneven roads until we got to this small paradise.

2013-01-04 11.37.30

There was one family there. They called at us, and our guide waved back, laughed and said, “That’s my sister and my brother-in-law. I didn’t know they were back!”

We went over to them and they offered us beer from their cooler. We talked, laughed, drank and gathered our courage to jump into the fresh freezing cold water.

2013-01-04 15.29.40

2013-01-04 15.32.54

2013-01-04 15.49.40

2013-01-04 14.50.13

2013-01-04 14.51.34

2013-01-04 15.19.04

2013-01-04 15.29.40

2013-01-04 15.32.09

2013-01-04 15.00.42

2013-01-04 15.49.40

“It’s called Monkey Fall, because poisonous berries used to grow in the trees here. Monkeys would eat these, get a little high, and fall down. But they liked being high! They kept eating the berries!”

We had great fun, feeling like kids again. This was the happiest I had seen my two guy friends. The waterfalls were so nice, the cold water refreshing, and overall made us feel connected to nature. Living like simple people and having fun the simple way.

2013-01-04 15.07.39 2013-01-04 15.08.23

2013-01-04 15.56.20

We returned to the hostel, the manager angry that her ex workers influenced her customers (obviously we think the workers are cool now), and to avoid the bullshit talks, we gathered on the roof, invited all the other hostel customers, and played rounds and rounds of card games.

“Let’s go to Guatemala tomorrow.”


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