Chilling in Peten


We moved our belongings to a better and cheaper hostel, Los Amigos in Flores, Peten. They had many people in their hostel so we opted to take the treehouse like dorm for a cheaper price. The hostel offered trips to Tikal, Mopan Waterfall, rentals for canoes/kayaks for the lake, spa treatments, hammocks, and had a small restaurant and bar for us to use. They even had a small pond with cute little turtles in it. Walking through the small forest like design of the hostel, we climbed some stairs and entered our sleeping cabana thing.

2013-01-07 10.42.47

2013-01-07 10.42.39

2013-01-07 10.42.19

2013-01-07 10.41.13

2013-01-07 09.49.35


We took a stroll back to the square where the party was the night before and looked at the little tables set up with souvenirs and knickknacks. One table was run by a youngish looking man wearing a ‘McDonalds’ spin off shirt–instead of a golden arched ‘M’, a marijuana leaf was centered and underneath it said “I’m smoking it!”

Fittingly, the man sold many different kinds of pipes. My friends laughed at the shirt and commented on it. Then, one of them asks, “do you know where we can get some??” And he said, “yeah, man, if you want some, I have some. What do you want? I have hash brownies with me today.”
My friends were stoked, hitting eachother with wide open eyes. Our days in San Ignacio involved getting Belizian weed, and it was very sad for them when we finished it.
He offered us brownies for the equivalent of 3 USD. The price was so cheap, we each got one. We decided to eat some of it before breakfast to really be able to enjoy it. So we strolled back along the flooded streets looking for a not too expensive place to eat at.2013-01-07 09.27.21


We found a nice restaurant with a nice view of the lake. We sat down and ordered breakfast. I don’t think I have ever waited longer for food before in my life. It seemed like an hour and a half before we got our food. So, we ate half our brownies and laughed and took embarassing pictures of eachother while we enjoyed our experiences.

When the food finally came, it was absolutely delicious. Even the colors were pleasant. The brownie along with the wait and our intense hunger made it a delicious meal. I am dying to return one day.

2013-01-06 13.15.58

2013-01-06 13.15.21

2013-01-06 13.15.13

2013-01-06 13.11.56



We saw a man selling fresh baked bread out of a basket. Alex decided to buy some which we happily munched on our way back home.

2013-01-07 09.27.00

2013-01-07 09.17.44

2013-01-07 09.17.06
Tuk Tuks



2013-01-07 09.15.43
arriving safely home


2013-01-07 09.14.41
Beautifully colored little streets of Peten
2013-01-07 09.11.53
A little street performance!
2013-01-07 09.11.43
their music was good

We were lazy and decided to watch Spiderman 2. We didn’t have much money anyway. We chilled and all passed out for a few hours until 5pm. We watched Nemo, and went to sleep again. An easy day, no complaints, really.

2013-01-06 21.09.15

2013-01-06 20.54.12


So is life on the road..

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