The PostGrad Life Update. Backpacking 7 months, 14 countries, and Counting!

Hello Blog readers!

If any of you still exist, that is. I have taken a very long break from writing in my blog. Let me quickly recap what has been going on so I have this on record.

December 2014 – graduate from university. Finish last final of my BA and go to grab some mulled wine in Edinburgh’s Christmas Market. Happy times! So glad I planned my last semester abroad so I could travel much easier ((Genius)).

December-January 2014 – Chill. Try new recipes, enjoy Edinburgh to the fullest (Christmas market, New Years, clubs, etc), go to the gym, catch up on sleep, read, friends. Best friend comes to visit from California and we spend New Year’s totally drunk. In love with a Polish bouncer at this time, and fantasize about him, probably every day, and see him on weekends. Have innocent New Years kiss with him, and wish he wasn’t married. HAHA. Bad. I know. Experience the coldest I have ever been in my life, and decide it’s time to go to Spain.

January – February – explore the rest of Scotland by spectacular train rides, couchsurfing, and hitch hiking. Fall in love with Scotland even more. Become angry at my expiring visa, and heartbroken to leave this country full of friendly loud people.

February – March – Get kicked out of the UK and head to Barcelona. Travel around Spain, work on a farm for two weeks, then meet up with a friend in the Canary Islands. Spend a ton of time hiking, couchsurfing, and again, hitchhiking around the islands.

March-May – Head to Portugal. Work in hostel in Cascais, fall in love with a Portuguese boy, make international friends, go traveling, see Sintra and the South of Portugal. A Scottish friend comes to visit for a week and we do the tourism thing. And once again, get kicked out of the Schengen Zone (3 month limit, absolutely ridiculous).

-Note: Overstayed my visa to get a cheaper flight. Was so nervous of getting fined, but not a word was said to me. Easy.

May – June – Travel to England again with my new boyfriend, embark on a hitch hiking trip to Manchester to see old friends. England was a stop over for our main destination—Romania! Spend 2 amazing weeks traveling through Romania.

June-July- Say goodbye to the boyfriend, couchsurf, and hitch hike into Belgrade! Meet up with my old roommate from Edinburgh. Attend a Rainbow Gathering for only two days, and hitch hike around the Balkans: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia very quickly. Have to leave my roomie in Split and fly to SE Asia!

July – Meet up with boyfriend again and some more friends in Bangkok. Explore Thailand for one week, then fly to Ho Chi Minh. Embark on one month journey up north to Hanoi and Sapa! Halfway up Vietnam and unfortunately the relationship comes to an end. Reached a milestone in my life, I think, and although very heartbroken, leave the gang and continue traveling the amazing country alone. Couchsurf, meet hostel friends, and as fate would have it—run into an old travel buddy I met 2 years ago on a Caribbean island, who was also traveling alone. Life changes, and im more happier than ever, meeting tons of new friends and traveling with this old friend of mine!

July– absolute amazing time in Vietnam, but continue to Malaysia. Meet up with a friend I met in Ha Long Bay who managed a hostel in Penang. Stay and chill there for a while.

July –September- returning to one of my favorite countries in the world! Japan! One year reunion with my other and older brother around Japan—Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagoya and back to Tokyo. Eating fancy food for once! Thanks mom! Say goodbye to family and take a position to volunteer to teach English in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Meeting so many Japanese, having fun exploring with other volunteers from around the world, start walking around the neon crazy sexual streets of Tokyo, drinking my fill of Ebisu/Sapporo/Asahi, and eating the most delicious meals in the worlddd!!!! Start dating a Japanese man, making new friends, trying new foods, and continue loving life to an extreme. Now, contemplating the idea of a new job here in Tokyo as an English Instructor.Maybe.

So, that’s about a short description of my travels.

There are so many things I could write about. I am full of so many amazing stories, and eager to make more. Do any of these months sound interesting to your people who don’t live my life? Because, of course, to me, they are so fascinating—even though I lived them myself! Man, there is so much I could talk about. Each month, each country, each friend I met is so full of so many exciting adventures. Deciding to travel after graduation was the best decision I made in my life so far. 7 months and 14 countries…I’m not done yet.

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