A beautiful town for the educated: Contemplating in Oxford, England

I’ve been to Oxford twice.

The first time was probably in the summer of 2011. I took a 30 pound or so bus from London to Oxford. I was impressed by the old churches and old architecture in the crooked streets of Oxford as soon as I stepped off the bus.
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I wandered around to Oxford Park. The greenery in the UK is just magnificent. I absolutely love saturating myself in it. I was so incredibly happy walking around that park. I watched the school boys play sports. I watched old people sit on benches. My favorite memories were sitting by the creek, watching some people punting (standing up and rowing a boat) on the water, or a couple chatting away in love. I pulled out my notebook and sketched out my view, since it was so beautiful to me, and I never wanted to forget it. I felt very at home. This place made me feel like there were no stressors in life. I was just like a happy little hobbit. ^^
It’s no wonder The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are such popular books—I would be as inspired as JRR Tolkien was, if I lived and worked in this small little city like he did!


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Some of my best memories are when I am alone, in a quiet, beautiful place, fully able to appreciate the world as I see it in that moment.
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As beautiful as it was, the only downside I could think of was the price. Of course, if I could pay to live in such a lovely town, I certainly would. It’s classy. It’s beautiful. It’s safe, and so peaceful (when you’re away from the bars)!

Unfortunately, that night I got ill and instead of enjoying Oxford the next day as planned, I stayed in my hostel bed, in pain and alone. I was so grateful for the old traveling nurse who also stayed in my room and took care of me. On my last day, she walked me to the train station. I gave her a note, telling her how much her help made me feel better. If it wasn’t for her, I would have felt so lonely and miserable! ❤

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The second time I went to Oxford, I slept ‘rough’. Where did I sleep? More on that another day. ^^


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