Uluwatu Temple and Kacek Dance – Day 3 Bali

The next morning in Bali we had three things planned: a nice breakfast, a relaxing beach, and Uluwatu Temple with a Kacek dance. The Kacek dance was recommended by our local Indonesian host, and we’re glad we went!


Breakfast: We went to Made’s Warung based off good reviews I read online. They do dinner shows here apparently, and the food was supposed to be good.

Unfortunately, I was very dissatisfied with the service here, so I cannot recommend the place. Our waitress took forever to take our order, and she was very rude when I asked for a different drink. My friends food arrived about 10 minutes before mine, making it awkward for us to eat separately. The food was good, but I didn’t like the tension that the waitress created. Three different waiters came to speak to me, because they were confused about what I wanted to drink. If the first waitress had listened to my order before stomping off, it wouldn’t have happened!

Nasi Campur.

After the stressful breakfast (which was a good way to kill my happy vacation mood) I decided I needed some sweet emotional support, so we hopped out of the restaurant to its neighboring gelato shop, Made Manis. This double chocolate ice cream with sprinkles cheered me up all right!


We did a little window shopping on the streets of Seminyak before our next motorcycle ride to Uluwatu.
The past few days of motorcycle riding in Bali were really tiring me out. I wasn’t looking forward to the hour + ride to Uluwatu and all the exhaust I would have to breathe!
The first stretch was driving through the city with many vehicles around. I’d say the second half of the drive was much nicer—the streets turned into green backdrops, there were less cars, and the air was much cleaner and cooler.

写真 2016-07-13 16 46 09

Some of the ride was very beautiful. We came upon a big bridge that definitely seemed out of place. I got off the motorcycle and went to appreciate the view from the bridge. Behind us was a green valley and in front of us was a stunning view of the ocean that was framed by the small green hills below the bridge. I couldn’t get a picture that would do justice, so I didn’t try and just appreciated it instead. Interestingly enough, there were some Korean or Chinese tourists that were also using the bridge. They were dressed as if they just came out of a metropolis, with fashionable clothes, the girl wearing an extremely short white skirt and heels that I didn’t think was appropriate in this country. They were prancing along the bridge, in a flirty chasing each other kind of way, while another man across the bridge was recording it with his huge video camera. Perhaps we will see this seen on a music video one day.

写真 2016-07-13 18 07 54

写真 2016-07-13 18 08 23

The heat was getting to us, so we made a pit stop for the beach. We were looking for a tiny beach with a footpath leading to it from the GPS because we wanted to go right at that moment and it was supposed to be nearby.

The end of the road was at a villa. It was so beautiful inside, and their backyard was even better. Perfectly manicured lawn, some reclining chairs near the cliff, a large swimming pool, and the most gorgeous view of the ocean was in this villa. I can’t imagine myself there one day. It’s definitely a honeymoon spot, but I can’t see myself on such a fancy honeymoon vacation. Why not? I’m not sure!

We followed a small dirt path. There was a small shed down the path–definitely someone’s living quarters with only the basic necessities. We turned left and found some stairs!

I’m still shocked by this. There were these large stone stairs that lead into what looked like the entrance of a castle. The castle, however, was somehow taken away from this location. So basically, the stairs and balcony lead no where! Why was this built here? I’m dying to know. We played on the abandoned stairwell and got our daily dose of Vitamin It’s-a-beautiful-world (heh heh that was lame, wasn’t it?).

Back on the bike. We found a proper beach. The lifeguard at the main entrance was charging 50,000 rupiah each to use the much needed beach chairs and umbrellas. He  seemed so scummy that we moved on down the beach. This beach was so quiet  compared to Kuta and Seminyak. It’s very easy to find your own beach in Bali if you take a look for it!

写真 2016-07-13 14 47 29写真 2016-07-13 14 48 00

Down the beach were several restaurants with lawn chairs. Katsu went inside one to use the bathroom and rent the chairs. The employee, who was probably about 22 years old, was very tan from the sun, wearing clothes a little too big for him which made him look extremely skinny, and came out dancing. One of the greatest things about Bali was that the people there are so friendly. Everyone talks to you with such a big teethy smile n their face. You can feel that they are genuinely interested in speaking to you. You can feel that energy in your heart.

Katsu, being the friendly dude that he is, began chatting with the worker. They became friends at the end of the day. Katsu invited him to come to Tokyo and stay at his house for free. We’ll see if our friend makes it to Japan!


We were floating around in the ocean on our backs, when all of a sudden something jumps out of the water and flies over my face and plunks back into the water. “WHAT!” I screamed, surprised. I looked around, and there were many of these jumping fish in the ocean! What a beautiful day it was.

写真 2016-07-13 14 53 02 (2)

Pit stop at Bukit Café. I drank a delicious green smoothie, which I loved (katsu wasn’t a fan) and a breakfast meal called Big Boss Breakfast or something. I was hoping it would taste as good as The Coffee Library’s The Library’s Benedict but it didn’t. Katsu got a nice delicious looking burger though! This is a kind of place where I would right a blog entry if I lived in Bali. Their menu looks delicious, and I wish I tried more of their items.

写真 2016-07-13 17 14 20

Later we arrived at Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) to watch the sunset.Ulu’ means ‘top’ and ‘watu’ means ‘rock’, so this temple is perched on top of a cliff 70 meters above the Indian Ocean. At the top of the cliff is a temple that is juxtaposed perfectly with the sun. Due to its position, it was struck by lightning in 1999 and partially burned. Restorations have taken place. The tickets were about 30,000 IDR.


写真 2016-07-13 18 27 05

It is one of six spiritual pillars in Bali, and one of nine directional temples. The temple itself is believed to protect Bali from evil spirits from the sea. Three important Gods for the Hindus are worshipped at this temple. Nearby there is also a small forest, full of monkeys at often hang around the temple grounds waiting to steal something from tourists in exchange for fruit. On a brighter note, they are also believed to protect the temple from evil spirits! On both sides of the temple are massive cliffs that make you feel small yet lucky to be alive. The sun hit the temple and cliffs and made everything glow golden.

写真 2016-07-13 18 24 59写真 2016-07-13 18 25 27

We picked up our sarongs to cover our immodest bodies (mine especially, oops!) bought tickets (that no one checked). At sunset, we paid another ticket to watch the culture Kecak Dance tickets were 10,000-20,000 IDR I think. This was one of my favorite moments on my trip.

Kecak is a dance performed with a 50-men instrument-and-shirtless- less orchestra. These men, from old to young, chant ‘Ka-cak ke-cak ke-cak ke-cak’ over and over again throughout the whole dance. They form a circle around the dancers and sometimes sway and move as the environment in accordance with the dance. The dancers are elegantly dressed with bright costumes and jewelry. Their make-up is intense, making their eyes seem like they are slightly popping out and their hair was long and beautiful. We watched a story about a princess being taken by an evil lord, and being rescued by her prince.

We ended the night with a big coconut for 15 IDR, and back in Seminjak, for another hour massage at Kimberly Spa!

And some Coconut Oreos at home. 20160714_000538

Have you been to Bali? What is your favorite place, or activity? Tell me in the comments below! Thanks for reading~~ if you liked this post, subscribe for more posts about my travels! Bye bye!

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