Appreciating Sumo in Tokyo

"What is sumo, but a dance between giants?" - Sayuri, Memoirs of a Geisha It is believe Sumo started as a test of strength. Men, who were often samurai, would come from each prefecture to fight at the court. More religiously, there are thoughts that sumo came from Shinto beliefs. A ritual dance was used … Continue reading Appreciating Sumo in Tokyo


Uluwatu Temple and Kacek Dance – Day 3 Bali

The next morning in Bali we had three things planned: a nice breakfast, a relaxing beach, and Uluwatu Temple with a Kacek dance. The Kacek dance was recommended by our local Indonesian host, and we’re glad we went!   Breakfast: We went to Made's Warung based off good reviews I read online. They do dinner shows here … Continue reading Uluwatu Temple and Kacek Dance – Day 3 Bali

A time not to miss in Japan ~ The beauty of Sakura

“The Japanese are crazy about Cherry Blossoms,” I heard it hundreds of times, it seemed like. “OK, so they’re really pretty. Yeah, pink flowers, I get it…” but I didn’t get it. My English student who worked in California once told me, “California was good, but for me..I didn’t really like it… The years went … Continue reading A time not to miss in Japan ~ The beauty of Sakura

Japan’s Mountain Village, Shirakawa-go

After graduating from the Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka sightseeing trail, venture off to a tiny mountain village in Gifu, Japan. Go to Shirakawa-go and admire the traditional Japanese houses, or ‘gassho-zukuri’. They aren’t those wooden little houses, but large rectangular houses that used to be farmhouses, covered with a thick layer of dried straw on top … Continue reading Japan’s Mountain Village, Shirakawa-go

A Light View on Gender Differences in the Workplace

I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I have something I’d wanted to bring to attention. I'm an English Teacher in Japan at the moment. During a lesson, a student asked me, “how do you use ‘DIY’ in a sentence?” I told her, “we don’t really use DIY in sentences. We just say….’I’m doing a DIY project’, … Continue reading A Light View on Gender Differences in the Workplace

Chocolate Ramen and Valentine’s Day in Japan

Guys needn’t be afraid of Japan’s Valentine’s Day. No longer do men need to think of what to cook for dinner, what kind of flowers she would like, which chocolate she would most enjoy, and where to take her on February 14th! All they have to do is kindly accept chocolates from their female friends … Continue reading Chocolate Ramen and Valentine’s Day in Japan

Ramen (ラーメン)

Here I am. Drinking among the other twisted lonely drones after work; we're still in our business suits at 9pm. I'm drinking my left over ramen broth... I have an uneasy, unpleasant feeling. Usually during my travel episodes, when I find myself eating alone, I gladly welcome a conversation from a local. I miss the expected unexpectedness … Continue reading Ramen (ラーメン)