Uluwatu Temple and Kacek Dance – Day 3 Bali

The next morning in Bali we had three things planned: a nice breakfast, a relaxing beach, and Uluwatu Temple with a Kacek dance. The Kacek dance was recommended by our local Indonesian host, and we’re glad we went!   Breakfast: We went to Made's Warung based off good reviews I read online. They do dinner shows here … Continue reading Uluwatu Temple and Kacek Dance – Day 3 Bali


Bali’s Monkey Forest in Ubud – Day 2

As vacations go, we woke up when nature naturally woke us. Our couchsurfing host was nice enough to entrust us with her house and key, so we were free to explore on our own schedule while she was at work. "Where should we go for breakfast, and what should we do today?" the golden words of vacation … Continue reading Bali’s Monkey Forest in Ubud – Day 2

Getting Scammed in Bali

** The Currency Exchange Scam ** After breakfast, we went down the street to exchange our money. I had been keeping an eye out for the rates all day, and I was shocked when I saw the highest rate yet, 132.4 rupiah for 1 yen. (Hooked!) Usually they were about 125 or 127 rupiah to 1 yen. … Continue reading Getting Scammed in Bali

Arriving in Bali, Indonesia

Last minute flight  to Bali: Tokyo ->Bangkok Bangkok -> Denpasar (Bali) Total flight time ~10 hours Cost ~$600 usd 1usd = ~13,000 idr (rupiah) One day, while eating dinner with a couchsurfing friend in Tokyo, I asked him, "What are your next travel plans?" to which he replied, "Next month, I'm visiting Singapore and Indonesia". I … Continue reading Arriving in Bali, Indonesia