Eating Okonomiyaki in Asakusa, Tokyo

My time is coming to an end, here in Tokyo. I am saying goodbye to many of my friends I met here. One of my best buddies, Katsu (my travel buddy in my Bali posts) and I had a casual fair well dinner at a narrow Okonomiyaki joint in Asakusa, Tokyo. Okonomiyaki is a traditional … Continue reading Eating Okonomiyaki in Asakusa, Tokyo


Introspecting on Takaosan’s Hike -Tokyo

Mt. Takao, the most convenient hiking spot in proximity to Tokyo (50 km away). It is an easy hike for beginners who want a short bit of exercise to spruce up their life. Mt. Takao, or Takaosan, is very popular for those reasons. On National Health and Sports Day, October 10th, Sachi and I took the trip out to Takaosan to … Continue reading Introspecting on Takaosan’s Hike -Tokyo

Land of the Rising Sun – How Did I End Up in Japan?

How did you end up in Japan?   I've loved Japan since I was a little girl. My father is an art and comic fan, so every year we would take a family vacation to San Diego to attend the International Comic Con. My father would buy and trade art there. One day, he heard of … Continue reading Land of the Rising Sun – How Did I End Up in Japan?

A time not to miss in Japan ~ The beauty of Sakura

“The Japanese are crazy about Cherry Blossoms,” I heard it hundreds of times, it seemed like. “OK, so they’re really pretty. Yeah, pink flowers, I get it…” but I didn’t get it. My English student who worked in California once told me, “California was good, but for me..I didn’t really like it… The years went … Continue reading A time not to miss in Japan ~ The beauty of Sakura

A day in old Tokyo (Asakusa)

I decided to write about my experience in certain parts of Japan. Hopefully they will inspire you to come explore Japan, or give you an idea of what you can do in certain districts. First is one day in Asakusa, the ancient district in Tokyo, where tradition can be found. Whenever I’m tried of the hustle … Continue reading A day in old Tokyo (Asakusa)

The Best Ramen in Tokyo (Ginza)

The time has come for me to share my favorite restaurant in Tokyo. Behold, Ginza Kagari!! 銀座 篝! I found this place on my walk back from work. I often saw a line sticking out of an alley on my walk back. This is a little strange in this area, because Kagari is located next to some very … Continue reading The Best Ramen in Tokyo (Ginza)

Chocolate Ramen and Valentine’s Day in Japan

Guys needn’t be afraid of Japan’s Valentine’s Day. No longer do men need to think of what to cook for dinner, what kind of flowers she would like, which chocolate she would most enjoy, and where to take her on February 14th! All they have to do is kindly accept chocolates from their female friends … Continue reading Chocolate Ramen and Valentine’s Day in Japan