Starting 2018 on a Mexican Island – Isla de Mujeres “Island of Women”

January 1st: We survived New Years and were ready to begin our Mexican adventure to start off the year 2018 with a bang. During New Years, we had a little discussion on what our new years resolutions were, if any. Alec said basically be a nice person, keep doing what hes doing, and that he … Continue reading Starting 2018 on a Mexican Island – Isla de Mujeres “Island of Women”


New Years in Cancún

As 2018 rolled around, I knew it was time for another adventure. On December 31, we flew into Cancun to begin our year with an amazing Yucatan adventure! After landing, we avoided the mess of bus and taxi companies and walked outside. We were looking for an ATM but they informed us it was on … Continue reading New Years in Cancún

Land of the Rising Sun – How Did I End Up in Japan?

How did you end up in Japan?   I've loved Japan since I was a little girl. My father is an art and comic fan, so every year we would take a family vacation to San Diego to attend the International Comic Con. My father would buy and trade art there. One day, he heard of … Continue reading Land of the Rising Sun – How Did I End Up in Japan?

Snapping Geisha in Gion, Kyoto

Kyoto. Kyoto, meaning “capital city” Kyoto used to be Japan’s capital when the Emperors used to live there from 794 to 1868. During the wars, Kyoto had been rather damaged, but was thankfully spared from the list of atomic bombing cities due to its historic value! When most people think of Japan, temples, shrines, ‘zen’, … Continue reading Snapping Geisha in Gion, Kyoto

The Best Ramen in Tokyo (Ginza)

The time has come for me to share my favorite restaurant in Tokyo. Behold, Ginza Kagari!! 銀座 篝! I found this place on my walk back from work. I often saw a line sticking out of an alley on my walk back. This is a little strange in this area, because Kagari is located next to some very … Continue reading The Best Ramen in Tokyo (Ginza)

Japan’s Mountain Village, Shirakawa-go

After graduating from the Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka sightseeing trail, venture off to a tiny mountain village in Gifu, Japan. Go to Shirakawa-go and admire the traditional Japanese houses, or ‘gassho-zukuri’. They aren’t those wooden little houses, but large rectangular houses that used to be farmhouses, covered with a thick layer of dried straw on top … Continue reading Japan’s Mountain Village, Shirakawa-go

Owl Cafe in Tokyo, Japan! Fukurou Cafe de Takadanobaba

It is quite common knowledge that Tokyo has cafes where you can pay to sip coffee and play with a variety of kitty cats. These are called 'Cat Cafes', or ‘Neko Kafes'. These have become successful because it is difficult to have pets in Tokyo. These cafes allow stressed people to have some love in … Continue reading Owl Cafe in Tokyo, Japan! Fukurou Cafe de Takadanobaba