Introspecting on Takaosan’s Hike -Tokyo

Mt. Takao, the most convenient hiking spot in proximity to Tokyo (50 km away). It is an easy hike for beginners who want a short bit of exercise to spruce up their life. Mt. Takao, or Takaosan, is very popular for those reasons. On National Health and Sports Day, October 10th, Sachi and I took the trip out to Takaosan to … Continue reading Introspecting on Takaosan’s Hike -Tokyo


Getting Scammed in Bali

** The Currency Exchange Scam ** After breakfast, we went down the street to exchange our money. I had been keeping an eye out for the rates all day, and I was shocked when I saw the highest rate yet, 132.4 rupiah for 1 yen. (Hooked!) Usually they were about 125 or 127 rupiah to 1 yen. … Continue reading Getting Scammed in Bali

Snapping Geisha in Gion, Kyoto

Kyoto. Kyoto, meaning “capital city” Kyoto used to be Japan’s capital when the Emperors used to live there from 794 to 1868. During the wars, Kyoto had been rather damaged, but was thankfully spared from the list of atomic bombing cities due to its historic value! When most people think of Japan, temples, shrines, ‘zen’, … Continue reading Snapping Geisha in Gion, Kyoto

Exploring La Gomera & Alto de Garajonay, Canary Islands

Back in August 2014, I packed my bags for my final semester abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. I arrived a month early; I planned to see England (second time there), visit some friends (that I made when I traveled Belize earlier in January of 2014), and meet new people in England through couch surfing. I made … Continue reading Exploring La Gomera & Alto de Garajonay, Canary Islands

Festival La Chatona in Peten, Guatemala

La Chatona in Peten, Guatemala After the exciting adventure of exploring the hidden ruins in Tikal, we had a chill day exploring the tiny island of Flores, a small village located in the middle of a lake in Peten. Alex and I were quite eager than the rest of the group to go out and … Continue reading Festival La Chatona in Peten, Guatemala

Tripping through Tikal

Alex, Sarah and I knew we couldn’t miss a trip to the infamous Tikal during our stay in Guatemala. Jack and Java were put off by the admission price, ($20 USD) since they had a tight budget to stick to for their 7 months of travel, so they stayed and chilled in the hostel with … Continue reading Tripping through Tikal

Chilling in Peten

  We moved our belongings to a better and cheaper hostel, Los Amigos in Flores, Peten. They had many people in their hostel so we opted to take the treehouse like dorm for a cheaper price. The hostel offered trips to Tikal, Mopan Waterfall, rentals for canoes/kayaks for the lake, spa treatments, hammocks, and had … Continue reading Chilling in Peten