PAWing on Caye Caulker’s Tarpoons

First day in Caye Caulker! My new friends and I grab our luggage and are quickly greeted by overeager β€˜taxi’ (LOL!) drivers. This is funny because the taxi car on Caye Caulker is a golf cart. Caye Caulker is so small that there is no need for cars. There are a handful of golf carts … Continue reading PAWing on Caye Caulker’s Tarpoons


Arriving at the Kibbutz on Shabbat

After a long day of sweating around Caesarea and the Baha'i Gardens, we arrived at our Kibbutz. [Kibbutz-invented 1909, a sort of cooperative living settlement; your share of work ethic is returned with a community share of property and items. They all help each other out here.] Luckily, we got to stay here without working, … Continue reading Arriving at the Kibbutz on Shabbat