The Whistle Language of La Gomera

Silbo Gomero is a language made out of whistles. This type of language was useful on the Canary Island La Gomera way back in the day so neighbors could communicate with each other over long distances with the mountain terrain and valleys in between them. Silbo can be heard from over 2 miles away! It … Continue reading The Whistle Language of La Gomera


Solo Traveler Meets New Friends

People are always shocked when I tell them I travel the world alone. They get the wrong impression. But let me tell you it is rare for me to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner alone and talk to no one all day. That's not traveling. Contrary to belief, it is very easy to find travel … Continue reading Solo Traveler Meets New Friends

New Years on Caye Caulker

I sat on the deck marveling at the incredible beauty the turquoise water caused with its edgesΒ reaching towards the skyline. Here I was, (again!) in awe in how lucky I am (a 21 year old single girl) on this beautiful little island in the Caribbean sea. I sat and just thought how strange it is … Continue reading New Years on Caye Caulker

Three Belikins and Caye Caulker

We were flying over Belize. The landscape below us filled me with the energy I lacked during my long hours in transit. Now, I was leaning over the people next to me who were sitting next to the window, stretching my neck, trying to get a view at the jungle below us. The man next … Continue reading Three Belikins and Caye Caulker