Druggie Monkeys and Waterfalls in San Ignacio

Several posts ago I mentioned the hospitality offered by a lovely Belizean women, but after two nights in San Ignacio the only hostel in town had availability again, so we booked for four. The hostel manager was having an argument with one of her workers. I can’t remember what it was about, but the workers … Continue reading Druggie Monkeys and Waterfalls in San Ignacio


Rasta Bars and Golf Carts

After my amazing snorkel trip, I treated myself again to a 5 star Caribbean dinner (voted by yours truly). My hostel-mates from our tiny Jaguar Cabana were not in when I came back. I get a bit bored not having anyone to talk to or do things with, so I decide to do something about … Continue reading Rasta Bars and Golf Carts