Druggie Monkeys and Waterfalls in San Ignacio

Several posts ago I mentioned the hospitality offered by a lovely Belizean women, but after two nights in San Ignacio the only hostel in town had availability again, so we booked for four. The hostel manager was having an argument with one of her workers. I can’t remember what it was about, but the workers … Continue reading Druggie Monkeys and Waterfalls in San Ignacio


Hanging out in Cahal Pech, The ‘Place of Ticks’, San Ignacio, Belize

Our first morning in San Ignacio was set out to find the local street market. We slowly took a path in the general direction, enjoying the unimpressive city with its trash, beggars, crazy people, stray dogs, and appreciate it nonetheless. Rain suddenly began dripping in numbers, encouraging us to hurry up and find some food … Continue reading Hanging out in Cahal Pech, The ‘Place of Ticks’, San Ignacio, Belize

Belizean Hospitality

β€œIt is getting dark and starting to rain! All the hotels will be full by now. You guys shouldn’t be on the street at night!” warned an old lady who had been watching us from above for the past 10 minutes, as we stood in a circle, looking around at each other asking the same … Continue reading Belizean Hospitality

Next Up: Belize!

December 30th: Take off for my next Central American adventure. 10 pound backpack with two swimsuits, DEET 98%, sunscreen, three chargers for the cell phone and tablet, three kinds of anti-itching cream, and a bit of money. Off I went. December 31st: SFO-LAX-MIA-BZE, I struggle to peer over my neighbors who are gawking out the … Continue reading Next Up: Belize!