KUSATSU One of the Best Onsen towns in Japan!

It seems every time you mention to a Japanese person you are going traveling to "X", they say, "Oh! 'X' has many great hot springs and the seafood is so delicious!" This time, only half of that was true! Well, I mean, of course the seafood was delicious, but since Kusatsu is located inland, between … Continue reading KUSATSU One of the Best Onsen towns in Japan!


Ramen (ラーメン)

Here I am. Drinking among the other twisted lonely drones after work; we're still in our business suits at 9pm. I'm drinking my left over ramen broth... I have an uneasy, unpleasant feeling. Usually during my travel episodes, when I find myself eating alone, I gladly welcome a conversation from a local. I miss the expected unexpectedness … Continue reading Ramen (ラーメン)