Druggie Monkeys and Waterfalls in San Ignacio

Several posts ago I mentioned the hospitality offered by a lovely Belizean women, but after two nights in San Ignacio the only hostel in town had availability again, so we booked for four. The hostel manager was having an argument with one of her workers. I can’t remember what it was about, but the workers … Continue reading Druggie Monkeys and Waterfalls in San Ignacio


Hanging out in Cahal Pech, The ‘Place of Ticks’, San Ignacio, Belize

Our first morning in San Ignacio was set out to find the local street market. We slowly took a path in the general direction, enjoying the unimpressive city with its trash, beggars, crazy people, stray dogs, and appreciate it nonetheless. Rain suddenly began dripping in numbers, encouraging us to hurry up and find some food … Continue reading Hanging out in Cahal Pech, The ‘Place of Ticks’, San Ignacio, Belize

Belizean Hospitality

“It is getting dark and starting to rain! All the hotels will be full by now. You guys shouldn’t be on the street at night!” warned an old lady who had been watching us from above for the past 10 minutes, as we stood in a circle, looking around at each other asking the same … Continue reading Belizean Hospitality

Rasta Bars and Golf Carts

After my amazing snorkel trip, I treated myself again to a 5 star Caribbean dinner (voted by yours truly). My hostel-mates from our tiny Jaguar Cabana were not in when I came back. I get a bit bored not having anyone to talk to or do things with, so I decide to do something about … Continue reading Rasta Bars and Golf Carts

Snorkeling off the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef – Caye Caulker, Belize

I figured it was best to start off New Years with some amazing clear blue water snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea. I walked towards Front Street, picked up a recycled water bottle full of delicious fresh squeezed OJ, and compared some company prices to book a tour. For a rather decent price (<$30 american), I … Continue reading Snorkeling off the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef – Caye Caulker, Belize

New Years on Caye Caulker

I sat on the deck marveling at the incredible beauty the turquoise water caused with its edges reaching towards the skyline. Here I was, (again!) in awe in how lucky I am (a 21 year old single girl) on this beautiful little island in the Caribbean sea. I sat and just thought how strange it is … Continue reading New Years on Caye Caulker

PAWing on Caye Caulker’s Tarpoons

First day in Caye Caulker! My new friends and I grab our luggage and are quickly greeted by overeager ‘taxi’ (LOL!) drivers. This is funny because the taxi car on Caye Caulker is a golf cart. Caye Caulker is so small that there is no need for cars. There are a handful of golf carts … Continue reading PAWing on Caye Caulker’s Tarpoons